Morgeez offers considerably, one of the most affordable studio rates in Johannesburg. Judging by our expertise and quality of audio productions, you will surely love the Morgeez Studios booking rates. Check out our pricing plans below and securely make your bookings.

Audio Recording Studio Rates

1Music Recording StudioExcluding Engineer fees
Have your own beats ready
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2.Podcast Studio Rate Includes Recording/audio mix engineer
For Recording of vocals/voices
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3.Radio Ads and Jingles 1 Recording/audio mix engineer
Recording of voiceover…
Or send us your voice clip for edit
Mix vocal and sweeten music
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4.Recording Engr Feesrecording engineer fee.
Does not include Studio rates
Hire a capable audio recording engineer.
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5Audio Mastering Music Tracks Mastering Service
Send us your final audio mixdown
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You can show-up with your own engineer or you can simply book our engineers. Free 30mins Studio Setup Time for preparation. Your bookings will be confirmed once your order is complete. All our bookings are done online. We will give your a call to have a ZOOM video meeting after payment or even before, as we have to understand, in the first place, the nature of your project. For questions and answers or further communication on your project, simply register for support.