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The you need casting directors in johannesburg that understand the Pan African Talents, thing Morgeez. Casting directors plays a very important role in any filming productions where talents, characters are required. As the case will always be, casting directors are the bedrock with which every film producer/director relies on to outsource casts. And putting together Pan African casts is even more challenging. Morgeez takes this department very seriously and has emerged one of the formidable Pan African talents casting directors both in South Africa and Nigeria.  We are at our very best when it comes to the entire talents casting processes. Morgeez talent casting director and talent scouts are on hand to help provide all the casts and special talents or characters required for your film shoots. Whether you are an international production firm or local, our casting director here to professionally assist you with these services.


Casting director - special services

  • Special Talent Scouting
  • Characters supply and onset management
  • Extras supply and onset management
  • Casts contracts and payments management

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