Film Crew Terms and Conditions

Morgeez Film Crew Terms of Service

Crew who are introduced to a company via Morgeez Film Crew Agency will be booked on all subsequent jobs via Morgeez Film Crew and not directly.

On any long-term projects a fee will become payable once a candidate who is listed under Morgeez Crew Management or who is introduced to the Organisation or Associated Group by Morgeez commences employment in any capacity (either temporary or permanent).

An introduction means any of the following:

(a). A telephonic referral of the Candidate to the Client

(b). Booking of via our website

(c). Receipt of a Curriculum Vitae by any means

(d). Scheduling of an interview between the Client and Candidate by Morgeez

As the Candidates details and references are forwarded on a strictly confidential basis, clients are not required to contact the Candidates nor do candidates allowed to contact directly in any way, without our prior consent.

Crew members are to be paid through Morgeez Crew Agency and not directly on temporary assignments. The commission payable on short, fixed-term contracts (up to 3 months) of freelance crew will be charged to the crew member.

Any company who offers long-term employment to one of our members will be charged 75% of the first month’s gross salary.


Postponement of a shoot means the postponement of a confirmed shoot to a later date as advised by the producer.

If a confirmed crew member is not available for the new shoot dates, standard cancellation fees as per clauses 4.2, 4.4 and 4.5 will apply.

See Annexure C

If a crew member is placed on an open-ended contract, the company shall be liable for 15% of the crew member’s total monthly package for the first month and 2.5% for the next 3 months.
Should an assignee accept further work from a company, following completion of the original booking, on a temporary fixed term contract, the company will be liable for fees as set out in point 4 above.
If a company introduces a member of Morgeez Crew Agency to any other company where they are subsequently employed, they shall be liable for the fees.
Morgeez Film Crew Agency will not be held liable for loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred, subsequent to the introduction of a candidate.

Whilst assigned to the company, the crew member will be the responsibility of that company, who shall be deemed to be the employer of said crew member.

Morgeez should be notified directly upon the employment or termination of employment of one of it’s members.

These conditions apply to all crew/customers/clients of Morgeez Crew Agency.