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Faded Red Project | Unlimited Recording Studios Access

recording studios headquarter - Johannesburg

The Faded Red Project at Morgeez Studios is undoubtedly one of the most innovative music project ever introduced into the Africa Music Industry and most probably the World atlarge. Don’t say I told you! Please read on for yourself:

The music artist or any talent for that matter will no-more be deprived of opportunities to creating and producing their creative works. They now, henceforth have unlimited access to studios facilities year on year. This is what the Morgeez “Faded Red” Visuals Project is set to achieve. Working tirelessly to put the amount of talent Africa has to work.

Benefits of the Morgeez "Faded Red" Project:

Checkout the below benefits WHEN YOU SIGNUP FOR “faded Red Project: 

  1. Have Access to Premium Recording Studios Facilities as a Music Artist
  2. Have access to photo studios for your model portfolio updates on a quarterly basis a year
  3. Have access to Morgeez visual studios for your promotional videos
  4. Get promoted through podcast, and radio interviews during and after your recordings.
  5. As a radio presenter, you have the opportunity of having your very own radio show at the Morgeez Radio International
  6. Have the opportunity of recording up to 4 tracks EP a year as a music artist.
  7. Record Full album at your pace within the 12 months period with unlimited studio access.
  8. Have access to music production studio facilities within the year as a music producer
  9. Get your music distributed and published by Morgeez Records
  10. Have access the facilities you need to get your career off the ground or enhance your career as a performer.

The opportunities are endless. Just click on button below for more information and take up the opportunity..

Faded Red promotions
Faded Red Project - Unlimited Studio Access All Year Round