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*Managements *Permits *Community relations *Security arrangements *Insurance

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Filming Locations in Johannesburg

*Managements *Permits *Community relations *Security arrangements *Insurance

Film location scouting and location management services

Filming locations in South Africa and Nigeria

Filming Locations Scouting Services in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos Nigeria

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Sourcing for film locations Lagos and Johannesburg

The task of film locations scouts is one that Morgeez does very well. Over the years, we have perfected the act of sourcing filming locations for our overseas clients and even local film makers seeks us to help with securing the right locations for all sorts of film shoots. Whether you are looking for world class urban locations or a very remote and rural locations in the African continent; whether you need African ancient settings to modern face lifts, Morgeez location scouts are here for you. From the hillsides, mining terrain, to porche Sandton city suburbs in Johannesburg to the longest bridge in Africa, the 3rd Mainland Bridge to the most exclusive heights in the middle of valleys on the Lekki peninsula of Lagos Nigeria; Morgeez got it all covered for you. There's no limit to what we can offer you when it comes to securing your film locations in Africa especially in Lagos Nigeria or Johannesburg, South Africa. Our team works relentlessly to ensure you have peace of mind by giving you exactly what your production brief says.  

How much does film locations scouting cost?

At Morgeez, honesty/services comes first and most of all costumer satisfaction is our priority over profit. Yes, this is absolutely true to our nature and modus operandis. You simply pay for the services, logistics and operations of our film locations scouts, we get all locations secured based on your approval and Morgeez only charges you a certain percentage as markup depending on the nature of the locations and whats involved. This way, you know how much is your penny worth. No bureaucracy, no back door kicking. Next time you need film locations in Africa call us anytime on +2773-371-7802 (South Africa) or submit form to send us a detail project information.

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