Detail Production Projects Budgeting

Production Costing

Projects Costing: Production Budgeting and Management. Production Logistics Fixation

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Talents Casting

Efficient Talent Scouting/Audition Services

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Dedicated Filming Locations Scouting

Location Scouting

Wherever in Southern and West African regions, we are on ground to scout the filming locations

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Cast, Crew and Gears

Filming Pre Production Facilitation

Extensive filming pre production facilitation in Africa

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International Filming Facilitation

When agency scouts think of hiring tv commercial producers, one question that comes to mind is which one of them are reliable enough to perfectly execute their jobs. At Morgeez, we position ourselves as trustworthy tv commercial producers and filming projects partner on the African Continent. We are young in nature, dynamic in mind and creative to the word and soul. Passion, Talent, Integrity are the key words here.  As one of the indigenous tv commercial producers Africa, we know the terrain very well and manage available resources very well too to achieve set targets.

Our commitment to perfect delivery is why we are one of the most tv commercial producers. We simplify our operational module to suit everyone. No client is too small or too big for us to assist; whether you are a local or international ad agency, or an international production company, looking for perfect partner to render such filming related services, we are here to help. Contact us anytime or simply give us a call on +2773-371-7802. 


Need Production Facilitation Service in South Africa, Nigeria and other African Countries!

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Production Support

We provide commercials production technical support and advise to international media and advertising agencies.

Support for Media agencies

At Morgeez, we know that multinational media agencies with global out reach and clients base, definitely needs local help. We made our support services available to all global agencies for partnership that works like miracle. Our support services are either as per project or for a long term contract. If you are here and you are one of the multinational agencies, while not give us a quick call: +2773-371-7802

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