Recording Studio Promotional Booking Rate

The Faded Red Project - Unlimited Studio Access for the entire Year.

Creatives & Producers

As independent content creators or producers, you can easily make the Morgeez Legacy Studios your home. Unlimited studio access will help you dedicate your time to doing what you do best, that is, creating and producing contents.

Artists and Indie Labels

Because your profession is all about producing and release music and visual contents, the Morgeez Faded Red Project is surely created for you. You can now have the full access to record anytime of the day all year round.

Benefits of the Unlimited Studio Access at Morgeez Studios

Have Access to Audio Recording Studios Facilities

Have access to photo studios

Have access to Morgeez Chroma video studios

Simply put, The Faded Red Project at Morgeez Legacy Studios offers you the client, the opportunity to have access to the studios as much as you want during an entire year.

unlimited studio access

The Gift for the Advertising Agency

As an advertising agency, working round the clock, there's no need to keep looking for studios to book for your recordings. Use the FADED Red Project to have unlimited access to the Morgeez Studios