Morgeez Studios Johannesburg

One of South Africa's Premium Audio and Video Recording Studios

The Morgeez Legacy Studios is a unique point of creative environment spearheaded by the Founder and Executive Producer, Mr. Christopher Odiley. The main objective of setting up the Morgeez Studios is to ensure maximum productivity within one space.

Audio Recording Studios

Record anything commercial audio from radio ads to podcast, music to audio books recordings.

Video Recording Studios

Portal video recording venue suitable for music videos, products marketing videos, Interviews and others.

Photography Studios

Shoot indoor or shoot outside of the studio with massive spaces for any commercial shoots.

Editing Suites

Edit videos and photos in a more suitable environment that enhances your creative imaginations.

Inside Morgeez Studios

A quick glance inside the Morgeez Legacy Studios Johannesburg


and Final Mix

Produce your high end audio projects at Morgeez Digital Audio Workstation

Produce Music and Backtracks

Produce Radio Ads and Jingles

Produce Voice Messages and Ringtones

Record Audio Books and Sermons

audio production service

Interviews and Live Audio Streams

Reach out to your audience worldwide via live interviews and live streams productions via Morgeez Radio straight up from the Morgeez Legacy Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Faded Red - Special Studio Promo

Have unlimited access to the Morgeez Legacy Studios all-year-round with just one booking. Take advantage of this special promo now.

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Reach out to Morgeez

Production facilitation services

Commercial Video Production

Web videos production

Talent Casting Service

Music Video Production Facilitation

talent casting director

Visit our support desk. Fill out the project form and send us a quick brief.

Video Production Services

If you are in the market for a competent commercial and consumer video production company that can help you out in your next video project, you are at the right place.